Why Terne Metal Roofing is All the Rage

Terne metal roofs provide you with all the strengths and benefits of a metal roof without metal’s vulnerability to corrosive natural elements.

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we utilize age-old practices that contributed to the construction of the dazzling and enduring architectural wonders of Europe. So when it comes to roofing and cladding systems, we know a good thing when we see it.

That’s why we’ve latched onto terne metal. The technique has only been around since the Colonial Era, but it has many of the qualities we prize: long service life, incredible structural strength, and unmatched protection from the elements.

Advantages You Get with a Terne Metal Roof

Terne metal is produced by coating various metals, like stainless steel or copper, in a special layer of tin which significantly increases the metal’s resistance to corrosion. Other benefits of terne metal include:

  • Durability. A terne roof can often last more than 100 years with very little upkeep.
  • Beauty. Terne roofs not only boast added durability but are also renowned for their aesthetic appeal. Terne-coated stainless steel roofing reacts with oxygen to weather into a soft gray veneer.
  • Corrosion resistance. The principle advantage of terne metal is its resilience to harsh industrial and marine environments, particularly those of the coastal states.

Our Selection of Fine Terne Metals

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we offer our customers the best selection of roofing metals available. For specialized metal options like terne metal, we also like to provide our customers with a wide selection so they can find just the right fit for their home.

  • Terne. This traditional stainless steel roof coated in a thick layer of shiny tin will eventually weather to adopt the soft gray terne patina.
  • Classic. This classic stainless steel finish is useful for general sheet metal and roofing.
  • Pearl. This low-reflective matte finish is suited for most roofing and cladding projects.
  • Plus. Fine Metal Roof Tech offers this specially embossed surface and makes it available with any of our fine metals.

Contact Fine Metal Roof Tech for Terne Metal Roofing Choices

Fine Metal Roof Tech is proud to offer terne metal roofing options to our clients. With our copper roofing shingles, we’re the copper roofing company that can deliver beautiful, durable and permanent solutions to your complex roofing problems. If you’re in the market for a copper dome or other copper roofing project, contact us today to get your free consultation.