The Value of a Terne Metal Roof

Terne metal roofing isn’t a new process. At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we utilize the same roofing techniques as the grand masters of European architecture. Their castles and cathedrals still stand today, centuries after their completion. While terne metal hasn’t been around quite that long, it has enough of a track record to earn it a place among our metal roofing options.

Terne metal started out as an alloy coating of lead and tin that covered steel. Due to its many significant advantages over a simple steel roof, such as its resilience and affordability, terne metal has remained in high demand. Later discoveries about the health and environmental hazards posed by lead forced manufacturers to change the makeup of terne metal, using a zinc/lead mixture instead, or in our case a heavy coating of sleek tin.

How a Terne Metal Roof Holds up Against Other Metal Roofs

Fine Metal Roof Tech terne is covered in 100 percent pure tin. Our terne metal offers distinct advantages over other metal roofing materials:

  • Our terne is most beloved in Europe for its finish; as the tin coating is exposed to oxygen over time, it takes on an attractive soft gray patina, allowing it to fit in with traditional architecture or with more modern styles.
  • Terne is a stainless steel roofing material that easily fit into most budgets.
  • The ease of forming and cutting terne is unsurpassed, making metal roofing installation a cinch.  The terne here at Fine Metal Roof Tech is the preferred choice of both installers and designers.

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s Unique Terne Metal: Tin vs. Zinc

Most terne metal manufacturers use a zinc/tin coating over their stainless steel. At Fine Metal Roof Tech, however, we can’t help improving on innovations. Instead of using the typical alloy coating, our terne metal partner coats their stainless steel roofing with a thick layer of tin.

This isn’t meant to diminish zinc’s contribution to weatherproofing. We make daily use of zinc and highly recommend it in several circumstances. For the demands of a terne metal roof, however, tin provides better quality and permanence that we value.

Zinc is a very protective material, but over time it thins and wears away. Tin, on the other hand, is extremely resistant to corrosion, though it does tend to be too soft for architectural purposes. Combined with the strength of stainless steel, however, it creates a metal roof that will last a lifetime.

Is tin more expensive than zinc? Yes, but go ahead and ask us for a quote. We guarantee you’ll be astonished by our affordable metal roof prices. And the longevity and low-maintenance advantages of our terne metal more than make up for the difference in metal roofing cost.

Contact Fine Metal Roof Tech about Our Terne Steel Roofs

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