Terne1Terne coated stainless steel, or terne metal to which it is often referred in the industry is a special metal often used in restoration contexts, but has many applications.

Americans are most familiar with the Follansbee terne metal, no longer in fabrication, which was a zinc/tin alloy over top a stainless steel substrate.

The Europeans have long used tin in their construction. Their version of terne is a thick layer of 100% tin covering a stainless base which is the variety of material we bring to you: Roofinox Terne.

Why select terne for your project?

• The Patina creates an elegant tin grey surface
• Exposure to the weather leads to the patination process
• Ideal for all roof types including drainage solutions and accessory pieces
• Perfect for rural, urban and light industrial areas (please consult us for best areas of use)
• Tin-plating is an excellent addition to chrome steel
• Prices stay more stable as it is a nickel-free stainless steel
• Excellent solderability thanks to the tin
• No problems with normal moisture caused by condensation
• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• Resistant to algae and roots
• Can be processed even at low temperatures
• Can be combined with other materials
• Lowest thermal expansion
• 100 % recyclable

Let’s explain:

Tin is a breeze to solder, making our Roofinox terne stainless material supremely easy to work with.

Direct from the mill finish

Roofinox terne is popular with architects and designers for its weathering properties. It is another natural metal which weathers and changes over time. In the architectural world, it is difficult to find other alternatives in natural metals which are long-lasting and appropriate for outdoor, high environmental exposure use and still offer up an ever changing patina.

Terne Weathered
Mid-way through the weathering process

Tin comes shiny from the mill. It will take some time in the elements for the shine to cut and for the beautiful, soft matte gray to appear. In most environments, this usually happens rather quickly.

Weathered terne

Tin, like copper has an extraordinary lifespan. When coupled with the strength of its stainless steel base to create the Roofinox terne material, it is a product you can plan with permanence.

If green building is at the forefront of your efforts (it should be for everyone) Roofinox Terne is among the best material choices you can make:

• 100 % recyclable
• Made with approx. 85 % recycled stainless steel
• Long life, because there is no material erosion

We get asked a lot if there is any special care required. As with copper, just make sure to install the material with gloves and you won’t have problems with fingerprints. Other than that, you’ll be surprised how much everyone on the design/build team loves the material!

Terne comes in choice of coil or sheet. We are a Roofinox distributor, so you may order the material just by itself and do your own forming, or you may elect to have us fabricate or form your systems, panels or pieces. Just let us know how we can best help you achieve your objectives.

Click here to download the terne material data sheet.

Have questions? Ready to order? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

Here are some photos of terne “in action”:

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