Solar Panel Holders for Standing Seam Roofs

Engineered in Germany, our solar panel holders for standing seam roofs are the definitive solution for the well-built green roof.  Couple the unrivaled durability and longevity of our double-locked standing seam systems with our exceptionally designed solar panel holders for a truly sustainable result.

Our solar panel holders come in a choice of stainless steel or aluminum.  We recommend the stainless steel holder for stainless steel and copper roofs.  The aluminum holder works fantastically well with aluminum, steel or zinc.

Even the high grade of stainless steel from which these holders are made is still less expensive than copper.  Both our stainless and aluminum options are very cost effective.

Most solar panels have extruded aluminum rails on their under side that support the panels and aid in installtion.  Under normal circumstances, this can cause galvanic reaction problems especially where a copper roof is concerned.  By separating the copper with the stainless steel solar panel holder, potential for reaction is negligible.  You now have the freedom to use whatever panels you like on whatever type of roof you like.

Our solar panel holders for standing seam roofs work very similarly to our snow guards for standing seam roofs and are also TÜV certified.  Stringently tested and just plain smart, our solar panel holders are a perfect accessory for the sustainable roof.

Installed solar panel holders on standing seam roofs:

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