Winning Qualities of Effective Snow Guards

Snow guards for roofs are devices that are installed in order to manage the slide of snow and ice from a sloped roof. When the guards work properly, only small amounts are permitted to drop, thereby preventing injuries to pedestrians and damage to vehicles and landscaping. In areas with heavy snowfall, snow guards are a practical addition to your sloped roof.

Beyond managing snow- and ice-slides, metal snow guards also retain a safe amount of snow on your roof. A little-known fact is that snow on the roof is an excellent way to insulate a building and lower your energy costs.

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs in the High Alps

Alpine homes have utilized snow guards throughout history as a means of survival. In the beginning, these initial snow guards consisted of logs or stones arranged along the slope of a roof. These primitive snow guards have evolved through the centuries, becoming the inspiration for our current leading snow abatement system.

What makes our system the best? We hold ourselves to exceptional standards. Our techniques and practices are rooted in the German culture and the Alpine way of life. Despite nature’s worst efforts, your home should stand firm against all the elements and even turn those elements into advantages, like using the snow to warm the inside of your home.

Our practices are certified by the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein), a worldwide group renowned for validating safety claims. They impose the strictest standards, and we’re proud that our snow guards, one of the few in the world, meet and exceed their expectations.

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s Unmatched Metal Roof Snow Guards

For a standing seam roof, you won’t find a better snow guard system than the one provided by Fine Metal Roof Tech. Not only do we meet the highest standards and emulate the centuries-long success of Alpine snow guards, but our select group of German engineers is constantly improving on our design, creating the strongest snow guards to protect your metal roofing.

Next to our commitment to permanence is our drive to create roofs that double as works of art. Our metal roof snow guard system will never cause roof damage like many inferior models you may have encountered.  We don’t want our metal roofs marred by ugly add-ons like an unattractive roof snow guard set. That’s why we craft aesthetically-pleasing snow guards, some of which can even be color-coordinated to match your home.

Get Fine Metal Roof Tech’s High-Performance Snow Guards for Roofs

Fine Metal Roof Tech offers alpine-quality snow guards for roofs. We take pride in our metal roofing supply, including our steel roofing shingles and our outstanding terne metal roofing. Contact us today to get your free consultation.