World-Class Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

If you live in an area of the country where snowfall is abundant, you understand the value of snow guards for metal roofs. Metal roofs alone provide quality protection, keeping your home water tight and shielded from the elements. Snow abatement systems, or snow guards for metal roofing, manage the impact of snowy conditions on your home and prevent accumulated snow from falling off your roof and either injuring you or damaging your property.

Fine Metal Roof Tech produces the strongest roof snow guards on the market.  We apply the strictest international standards so our metal roofing snow guards can hold up to the harshest winter weather. We apply phenomenal German engineering to our US-manufactured fine metals to deliver a winning combination sure to match any metal roofing challenge you throw at us.

Alpine-Strong Snow Abatement System

In the high Alps, the snow can be relentless. A snow guard must be built to perfect specifications and provide unparalleled performance when handling the extremes of the mountain weather. Snow abatement systems must be certified by the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein, in German), establishing that they meet the high standards required by the harsh conditions.

All of Fine Metal Roof Tech’s snow and ice guards for metal roofs are TÜV certified. When we go to the trouble of creating a masterpiece roof with our signature metal tiles, we want it to hold up to the toughest winters and provide safety and satisfaction to our clients. That is why we hold our custom snow guards to a higher standard and why we build them so they never cause roof damage like other less-effective snow abatement systems on the market. Our snow guards are guaranteed to never bend, pinch, poke, or penetrate your roof.

Snow Shingles for All Roofs

Our snow guards can be customized to meet any of your roofing needs. We design and craft our own snow abatement systems, and our board-certified team of German engineers is always eager for a challenge.  Is your roof composite of different products, or does it have special requirements? We’ll gladly help you design a solution.

Contact Us for Snow Guards for Roofs

Rooted in the enduring traditions of classic German craftsmen, Fine Metal Roof Tech’s snow guards for metal roofs have withstood the test of centuries. Our metal shingles, metal roofing supplies and metal tile roofing system, provide our clients with beautiful, durable choices. Contact us today for a free consultation.