Snow Guards for Standing Seam Roofs

Our snow guards for standing seam roofs are the highest quality and strongest snow guards on the market today.

The snow guards we provide you are the same as those used throughout the high Alps where the weather is insanely harsh and the testing and expectations are even harsher.  When you are serious about real solutions for snow abatement and roof protections, these are your uncontested and unmatched systems. 

The standing seam snow guards pictured on the photo above and in the diagram on the left are our ultra-heavy duty systems perfect for any type and volume of snow.  You can choose either a single rail, or, with the heightening element shown in the diagram, can add another row of pipe for a two tiered system where more holding power is required.

All our brackets come with a pair of stainless steel nuts and bolts which when tightened to 115 NM (85 foot pounds), will NEVER unfasten.  This is an engineered safety feature.

Our snow guards never cause roof damage like inferior systems which pinch, poke, bend and penetrate the roof.  We’ve gone to the trouble of crafting world-class panels and installers and architects alike don’t want their master creations marred by improperly engineered snow abatement systems either.  Our snow guards are TÜV certified.  (Technischer Überwachungsverein in German.)  TÜV operates worldwide and works hard to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards.  In less words, our systems work and you can depend on them.

Our snow guards for standing seam roofs come in the following choices:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Colored Aluminum

We can indeed color the aluminum snow guards to match your roof.  Please contact us for details.

Most roofs will also require adding an ice stop system:

The picture on the far left shows a single rail system.  The one to the right of it shows a heighting element added with a second rail of pipe and, in the red circle, is our ice stopper.

Ice stoppers are a very valuable addition to the standing seam snowguard system.  They are designed to keep snow and ice from sliding between the panels.  Contrary to how it might appear in the picture and on the roof, the stainles steel screw securing both sides of the ice stopper does not penetrate the pipe.  As always, no damage, phenomenal engineering and ease of installation.  Ice stoppers and all our standing seam accessories come in the same metal choices as the brackets.

Our handy pipe connectors hold adjoining pipes together.  Our standing seam snow guard system requires a 1 inch inside diameter pipe.  This will accommodate the pipe connector and ensure proper hold.

Pipes will fit loosely in the brackets.  The components on our standing seam system meant to fit tightly will never let go while other pieces are engineered to provide for the necessary give and take that will keep the system effective.  We welcome the opportunity to explain the technicalities of our system, so please do call us and we’ll get all your questions answered.

Have something different in mind or need suggestions on how to solve for a special requirement?  We know we can help!  We are metal roof snow guard experts!  We have a team of German engineers standing by and a host of snow guard experts right here at your beck and call.  We will GLADLY help plan your design.  Never worry about placement or quantity again.  When you adhere to our recommendations, we promise our system will work.  Permanence, beauty, ingenuity, quality and engineering.  It’s what we’re all about.  Find out for yourself how these can make a difference for you.  Call us today!  801-462-5264

Technical Details:

Seam height:  Snow guard brackets for double locked standing seam metal roofs with 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, or 2 inch seam height

Metal choices:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Colored Aluminum (can be colored to match roof)


  • 1 bracket = 2 pieces + 2 pair of stainless steel bolts and nuts…Length 180 mm (7 in) Height 50 mm (2 in) Thickness 5mm (3/16 in)
  • Heightening Element
  • Ice Stopper
  • 1 inch inside diameter pipe.
  • Pipe Connector

Please stay tuned for snow abatement installation and snow guard placement instructions and product description page.  Coming very soon!

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