Why Consider Steel Roof Shingles

A roof’s primary purpose is to protect everything under it from the elements, and nothing accomplishes this better than durable steel roof shingles. Asphalt shingles and other low-quality roofing materials can sometimes be more affordable, and they can last for several years, but they can’t match the benefits that come with steel roofing systems.

These days, steel shingles offer an excellent alternative to conventional roofing materials. Any family on any budget can afford steel roofing prices, especially when the many benefits and long-term savings of steel roofing are taken into account:

  • Strength.  Steel is rigid and perfect for withstanding nature’s worst. Even hail, hard chunks of ice hurled from the atmosphere at high speeds, only leave slight, barely noticeable dents in a steel roof’s finish.
  • Beauty. Steel roofing materials offer a versatile array of color choices.
  • Easy to install. Typical roofing shingles can be difficult to install. Installation of steel roofing materials is far quicker and easier to accomplish.
  • Low maintenance. Repairing and replacing your average roof is a costly endeavor. In contrast, once a steel roof is properly installed, it lasts a lifetime.
  • Energy efficient. Metal roofing shingles are extremely effective at redirecting solar energy away from buildings, reducing cooling expenses.
  • Environmentally friendly. Steel is recyclable, whereas asphalt and charcoal shingles are quickly filling our nation’s landfills.

Why Choose Fine Metal Roof Tech’s Steel Shingle Roofing

As steel roof prices drop, making them a cost-effective solution almost anyone can afford, then your question becomes: who provides the best steel shingle roofs?

Fine Metal Roof Tech possesses qualities no other metal roofing shingles manufacturer can claim. Our techniques are taken directly from the German master craftsmen. These men built the grand European cathedrals and castles and designed roof systems that are still watertight and stronger than ever, even after centuries of wear and tear.

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we are among a select handful of board-certified artisans with special skills in restoration and reconstruction.  Even in Europe, we are numbered among a few elite craftsmen. In the United States, no one else can offer the level of expertise we deliver on every metal roof project. And because of our special training, we can tackle difficult roofing projects and provide a first-rate solution.

Our expertise, coupled with the affordability of our German-designed and American-manufactured steel roof shingles (only $2.99 per square foot) allow us to provide the best roofing shingles at the best price.

Learn More about Our Steel Roofing Shingles: Call Us for a Consultation

Fine Metal Roof Tech offers the best steel roofing shingles available. We take pride in our metal roofing supply and in providing alpine-quality snow guards for roofs, as well as outstanding terne metal roofing. Contact us today to get your free consultation.