Stainless Steel Interlocking Shingles

Stainless steel is an ultra-permanent material perfect for roofing and wall cladding and other architectural applications.  It is non-reactive with most metals so it can be easily combined.  It is the ideal metal for coastal building as it is highly resistant to salt spray, and is the ultimate choice for buildings exposed to pollutants and buildings in extreme weather locations.  When installed properly, it can last for centuries regardless of environment.

The picture here on the left shows one of our most beautiful cathedrals clad with Fine Metal Roof Tech’s interlocking stainless steel shingles.

Stainless steel is every bit at home on traditional architecture as it is on sleek, contemporary design.  All stainless steels are not equal.  Make sure to call us to discuss which alloy will work best for your project.  801-462-5264

The following photos in the gallery show an amazing custom application.

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A beautiful application of shiny stainless steel interlocking shingles on a church tower in Dortmund.