Snow guards for interlocking metal shingle systems

Take advantage of the perfect snow abatement solutions to complement our interlocking metal shingle system.

Our snow hooks come in copper or colored steel.  These exceptionally engineered snow guards are made to fit expressly with our system and prevent  snow from sliding off the roof and damaging you and your property.  They also keep snow on the roof which creates a very effective insulation benefit.

All our snow guards are TÜV certified.  (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein in German.)  Essentially this means our snow guards comply to the highest standards possible in the world.  Ours are the same systems used in the high Alps where standards are the highest and requirements are among the most demanding.  We’ve considered selling snow hook knock-offs, but everything else we’ve tried bends and fails.  No way.  Not for our clients.  We KNOW our system works and we have every confidence in promising you a permanent and unfailing result.  Yes, there most definitely is a difference!

These are the systems we installed on castles, cathedrals and other of Europe’s most important buildings in our installation days.  You can take this same engineering and put it to use on any roof project.  Our snow hooks are a budget-conscious and smart choice regardless of the size and scope of your building.  We have a solution for everyone!

Snow hook colors:

Charcoal Dark brown Deer brown Gray
Mahogany brown Red brown Stone gray Brick red

Custom color orders for snow hooks are gladly filled.  Extra delivery time and charges might be applicable.

Lots of roofs are composites.  Now you can match your snow hooks to tiles, slates and shingles!  Ask us about your profile options.  We can match to almost anything!

You have unbelievable resources to help you plan your snow abatement solutions.  We have a team of German engineers and top snow abatement experts right here with whom you can consult.  Call us!  801-462-5264

Click here to view the Snow Hook Description and Installation Instructions (2 MB PDF)

Click here to view our snow guards for standing seam roofs.

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