Fine Metal Roof Tech has developed a roofing and wall cladding system that requires and includes a sophisticated, but very simple, fastening procedure.

Our shingle-clip manufacturer produces all our stainless steel fasteners exclusively for Fine Metal Roof Tech. Stainless steel can be safely combined with ALL our material options. No galvanic reactions will occur by combining our stainless steel fastener clips with other materials like copper, zinc or aluminum. Additionally, stainless steel is rigid and will not succumb to the shrinking and expanding of the metals it holds. The extremely long warranty times that Fine Metal Roof Tech offers for its products depend on the proper fastening material and method.

Using the correct fastener methods and materials is essential. Our interlocking metal shingle system is only warranteed by applying the Fine Metal Roof Tech fasteners.

The spring-effect fastener clip for interlocking metal shingles
Shingle fastener. Using proper fasteners is essential.