Advantages of Metal Shingles

Metal shingles not only provide a durable alternative to conventional roofing practices, they also offer an opportunity to think outside the box and create vibrant new styles that span the sleekly modern to the gracefully classic.

In Europe, interlocking metal tiles have been used for centuries as a roofing and wall-cladding solution for buildings and monuments that still stand after centuries. At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we use our time-tested German engineering and our US-manufactured fine metals to manufacture beautiful, permanent, and cost-effective metal roof tiles.

We serve a global clientele and enjoy tackling challenges that leave other competitors scratching their heads. Our array of fine metal roofing tiles allows us to meet all of your roofing and wall-cladding needs.

The Fine Metal Roof Tech Difference

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s team consists of a rare group of German masters that utilize the same materials and systems that produced many of the architectural wonders of Europe. The same engineering that has preserved these monumental structures can also fortify your latest building project. Qualities all our roof tiles share are:

  • Energy efficiency – metal reflects heat and UV away from the building
  • Environmentally friendly – our metal shingles are 100% recyclable
  • Budget-friendly – we can accommodate any budget constraints
  • Easy to use – our products are engineered to be maintenance-free for the life of the material
  • High-quality metals with lovely, durable finishes

Our Selection of Versatile Metal Shingles

When it comes to choice, Fine Metal Roof Tech offers its client a variety of quality solutions to their roofing needs. Our selection of fine metals allows customers to mix and match colors and styles to craft a unique combination that works for them. We recommend the best alloys for your circumstance and work around any installation challenges you may face.

A few of the choice metals we offer include:

  • Aluminum Shingles – perfect for tight budgets, and our aluminum shingles are protected by high-grade PVCF.
  • Steel Shingles – our steel shingles are incredibly affordable and perfect for areas prone to damaging weather conditions like hail.
  • Copper Shingles – these shingles are our pride. Nothing matches the beauty and strength of copper shingles. When properly installed, a copper roof can last for centuries.
  • Stainless Steel – our stainless steel shingles are highly resistant to salt spray and extreme weather, perfect for coastal projects.

Contact Us for Durable, Stylish Roof Shingles

Rooted in the enduring traditions of expert German craftsmen, Fine Metal Roof Tech’s interlocking metal shingles have withstood the test of centuries. Our metal tile roofing system and metal roofing supplies, including our snow guards for metal roofs, provide durable, beautiful choices for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation today.