Why Metal Shingles Roofing Outperforms Other Roofing Products

Metal shingles roofing sets the highest standard for performance, beauty and lifetime value. Composition and asphalt shingles may provide some initial savings, but will later add up in maintenance and replacement costs. They can never match the durability or aesthetic advantages of a metal shingle roof.

When you invest metal roofing products, you’re also purchasing:

  • Longevity. Metal roofs can last a lifetime, maintenance-free.
  • Durability. No more worries about hail and wind tearing up your roof and exposing your home to further damage.
  • Energy savings.  Metal roof shingles provide better protection from solar energy, resulting in lower utility bills.
  • Reduced environmental impact. A metal roof doesn’t need periodic replacing, thereby reducing the tons of environment-damaging asphalt shingles that are sent to the landfills each year.

Superior Metal Roofing Quality: Fine Metal Roof Tech

Not all metal roofing companies provide the same level of service or quality. Fine Metal Roof Tech doesn’t just provide a variety of beautiful and durable metal shingles; we also guarantee unsurpassed expertise and craftsmanship.

We’re one of a handful of experts in the world certified in the demanding European engineering methods that was used to erect many of the ancient architectural marvels of the Old World. With these methods, our predecessors erected resilient roofs that have withstood centuries of wear and abuse, remaining water-tight and maintenance-free to this day.

Fine Metal Roof Tech also provides a gorgeous selection of metal roofing shingles sure to match your needs and style, whether you’re seeking protection for your home or your commercial building. We provide a variety of options sure to fit any budget and match the architectural flavor of any building. Our metal roof shingles types include:

Aluminum Shingles

Our aluminum shingles are the perfect fit for any budget-conscious homeowner in need of a new roof or wall-cladding system. They’re clad in high-grade PVDF and come in a range of custom colors.

Steel Shingles

At just $2.99 per square foot, our interlocking steel shingles offer a solution for any budget. They’re easier and faster to install than asphalt shingles, saving you time and labor costs as well. Additionally, steel shingle roofing provides the perfect protection for areas that often suffer hail damage and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Stainless Steel Shingles

Stainless steel is non-reactive, which makes it easy to combine with other metals. With its high resistance to salt spray, it also is a perfect match for buildings in coastal areas. When installed properly, stainless steel shingles can last for centuries and blends seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional designs.

Zinc Shingles

Zinc shingles offer a clean, contemporary look that weathers over time to develop a soft, attractive pewter patina. In roofing applications, zinc can last over 50 years and requires no regular maintenance.

Copper Shingles

Our copper shingles are unmatched for their durability and beauty. Once properly installed, a copper roof can survive maintenance free for centuries. In Europe, some roofs have lasted as long as 650 years, only growing stronger and more beautiful with time.

For Metal Shingles Roofing, Consult Fine Metal Roof Tech

Metal shingles roofing provides superior protection and savings to homes and business. For that reason, Fine Metal Roof Tech offers custom metal roofing, using alloys that are durable, affordable and beautiful. We compete with the best metal roof manufacturers to bring you quality materials and products, like our aluminum roofing shingles, which deliver lifetime roofing solutions. Contact us today for your free consultation.