Why You Should Replace Your Roof with Aluminum Roof Shingles

Aluminum roofing shingles provide you with a beautiful, longer-lasting and energy-efficient roofing solution. For homes and businesses, they provide unparalleled protection and can match any style or architecture.

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we’ve found that aluminum shingles are the perfect choice for any budget-conscious roofing or wall-cladding system. With an aluminum roof, there are so many common roofing concerns you no longer have to worry about. You can enjoy such benefits as:

  • Durability. Metal shingles last longer than any asphalt or wood alternative.
  • Beauty. Simple aluminum roofing can discolor over time, but our aluminum shingles are clad in high-grade PVDF, which comes with a paint warranty good for 40 years. You can even mix and match colors to make a personal statement.
  • Energy savings. All of our standard finishes create a “cool system” that reflects solar rays, protecting your home from the summer heat and providing utility-bill relief.
  • Environmentally friendly. Aluminum roofing materials last far longer than the alternative and can be recycled. In fact, most of Fine Metal Rood Tech’s metals (75% or more) are derived from recycled materials.
  • Budget-Friendly. A common complaint about metal roof systems is that they’re expensive. However, at Fine Metal Roof Tech, we pride ourselves on providing the best materials at the best price. We utilize our research, experience, and streamlined production to deliver the finest metal roofing shingles for a price any budget can afford.

Aluminum Shingles vs. Asphalt Composite

The most common type of roofing shingles are made from asphalt. Asphalt composition shingles are usually the cheapest option, but they dry out in the sun’s ultraviolent rays and soak up heat, heating your attic and home during the hot summer months and adding to your utility bill. Asphalt is also petroleum based, and once they’ve worn out there is no environmentally friendly way to dispose of them.

Fine Metal Roof Tech delivers affordable aluminum roofing shingles that are stronger than other aluminum shingle systems. We derive our expertise and training from roof-engineering methods that revolutionized European architecture and led to the construction of many enduring monuments that still stand, weather-proof and maintenance-free, to this day. Our systems are efficient, easy to install, and protect your home or business from harsh weather and fire.

Consult Fine Metal Roof Tech for Superior Aluminum Roofing Shingles

Fine Metal Roof Tech sets the standard for metal roof shingles, and our aluminum roofing shingles are no exception. Our entire line of metal shingles roofing systems provides superior protection and savings. Our custom metal roofing uses alloys that are durable, affordable and beautiful. We compete with the best metal roof manufacturers to bring you the most permanent and attractive roofing materials and accessories available. Contact us today for a free consultation.