Diamond Shingles

Our metal shingle system has been in use throughout Germany for hundreds of years.  These centuries old buildings have stayed water-tight and maintenance free from the time they were built and continue remain so to this day.  Few systems have been as tested and proofed as ours, and precious few are as beautiful.

Please click on the German-engineered fine metal shingle type that interests you:

Shingle Shapes

A diamond shape shingle consists of two acute and two obtuse angles.  By far, our most popular is our standard diamond-shape with 72 degree angles.  It looks great on almost any building and is generally our recommendation, but we can certainly create any angle you wish at no additional charge.  We of course also offer standard “square” shingles with equal sides and 90 degree angles.

Shingles come in 7 standard size options:

Size 8 =  8” width x 10.5” height
Size  10 =  10.5” width x 14” height
Size  12 =  12.5” width x 17” height
Size  14 =  15” width x 20.5” height
Size  16 =  18.5” width x 25” height
Size  18 =  19.5” width x 27.5” height
Size  20 =  22” width x 30.5” height

Other sizes available upon request.