terne interlocking shingle turret

Custom metal roof shingles

You likely know that our standard diamond shingles can be made in virtually any size with any degree of angle. Click here to view information on our standard shingle. Scale and design are really important as no two jobs are alike.

Things get tricky when radius details like domes and turrets come into play because there is not one standard, one size fits all solution out there for anything. But we’ve got you covered! Each row on a turret has to be calculated individually and created individually. As long as you give us accurate measurements, we never have to step foot onto the job site. Really! Enormous cost savings and you get to be the hero! Learn more here.

metal shingles on a three dimensional round surfaceDon’t rely on cheap tricks like caulk, design hacks or overlaying layers. You can have a continuous INTERLOCKING, permanent system. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Diamond shingles are our most popular, but remember we can build virtually any variety of metal shingle / panel / cladding system you can devise. If you can design it, we’ll make it happen. We’ll ensure it fits perfectly to any building feature no matter how complex and we’ll engineer it to be permanent.

These are big claims, but we are an extraordinary company. Whether your project is simple or technically virtuosic, give us a the opportunity to prove what we say. Call today! 801-462-5264