Custom pressed metal shingles and panels for roof and wall

Whether you have an historic project requiring replication of pressed metal shingles and panels or have an idea all your own for the most contemporary and artistic of looks, we are the solution you have been seeking. Learn more about our background in historic restoration by clicking here.

The photo to the left shows an incredible wall facade made of individually pressed panels of differing sizes in brass. The very artistic architects on this project asked us to create the panels they drew and the system by which to attach them, and we did. We think the final product is nothing short of spectacular and so different from anything we have ever seen. Go see it yourself at 210 Pacific Street in Brooklyn, NY!

These kinds of projects are absolutely in our wheelhouse. Take a look at some pictures of historic pressed metal shingles and panels our clients have asked us to replicate. It goes without saying these are the “before” pictures, but hopefully they serve to show some of the metal pressed roof and wall panels and shingles we have created in the past.

We’ll conclude with a close up of that brass wall cladding project:


Hope this inspires you to create your own amazing designs. We look forward to building them for you!