Metal roof restoration and reconstruction

Based right here in the USA, we hold the German degree of Meisterbrief and have almost 30 years experience working on castles and cathedrals and other of Europe’s most important architectural treasures. We are board certified in restoration. We are the only experts with these specific qualifications and degrees in the New World and are special even by German master standards.

From artistry to engineering, we are the ultimate choice to help reconstruct any metal roofing, cladding, accessories and ornamentation your project requires no matter how difficult. In many cases we’ll make things better than they were. After all, the purpose of restoration is to maintain a permanent result, not having to continually “restore”.

Our metal roofing historical restoration abilities are unparalleled. If you are an architect, we’ll help you engineer any necessary changes. No one else is more qualified to help keep the integrity of the period of design. If you are a builder, you have a partner to help you overcome any technical issues so that your project achieves the level of permanence and beauty you demand.

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