All the gutter AND ACCESSORIES in any metal you wish, with choice of sizes and radius versions as well!

European half round gutter systems are the strongest, most efficient rainwater management systems available. They can stand up to constant thawing and freezing, hold up to wind and weather, require virtually no maintenance and whisk away moisture and debris better than any other method.

Until now, however they have only been easily purchased in copper or zinc, and even accessories for those metals are often hard to find. This has limited applications and budgets and kept this remarkable system from wider use. But no longer.

Now, you can plan for permanency with virtually any metal and color you wish!

Gutter and components:

  • gutter 

  • gutter brackets

  • end caps

  • outlets

  • miters

  • elbows

  • downspouts

  • downspout brackets

Metal options:

  • terne: 439, 316L

  • stainless steel: all architectural grades

  • copper

  • zinc

  • titanium

  • brass

  • painted



  • 5 inches

  • 6 inches

  • 7 inches


  • 3 inches

  • 4 inches

  • 5 inches


Don’t forget our systems can be made to fit any of your radius features!

What makes European half round gutter and rainwater systems so extraordinary is: longevity, strength, efficacy and ease of maintenance.

Because there are no corners in European half round gutters, expansion from freezing and thawing is not an issue as it is for K style and box gutters. Because the gutters are round, expansion from ice simply at worst, slides up, expands above the rim and either self removes or can be removed manually, whereas, K style or box gutters build up ice strata which go all the way to the corners and have no where to go as they are locked in place. Expansion and contraction over time result in broken gutter.

Half round gutters make maintenance easier, too. Debris is much more easily flushed away in a half round rainwater system than a K style gutter where dregs are more readily trapped and locked in place.

In addition, because of their round feature, European half round gutters ease the flow of rainwater better than their box counterpart. This means, during a deluge, water flows more quickly and efficiently off the roof and out the downspouts.

In Europe, rainwater systems are highly engineered. The conductor heads / leaderboxes / scuppers are even scrupulously calculated. The size of the scupper is determined through careful computation of roof components for optimum water displacement.

All the gutter accessories we supply are the strongest of their kind. Round architectural details are generally stronger than their cornered counterparts anyway, but our gutter accessories make all the difference in how long the gutter stays up regardless of the weather. 

Properly installed, our European half round gutter systems will last for generations with very little maintenance.

And while we’re on the subject of round, don’t forget we can manufacture gutter in any radius to fit any detail!

But the best part of our rainwater displacement solutions is that they come in any metal you like!

Reach out to us today. We’ll answer all your questions and help you choose the proper European half round gutter solution for you! 801-462-5264