Copper Domes: Classic Architecture for Modern Tastes

Nothing says sophistication and elegance like a copper dome. Applied to any building design, whether it’s a commercial structure, a residence or an institution, a copper dome creates an atmosphere that reflects old-world charm and modern-day sleekness.

Copper roofing also comes with a number of other benefits, including durability and eco-friendliness that can’t be matched by other roofing materials.

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s Heritage of Permanence

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, copper domes are one of our specialties. Cladding rounded architectural details, like domes, in copper or other metals can prove tricky, but we’re more than up to the task. We’re uniquely qualified to handle copper domes and other roofing challenges.

We come from a lineage of German master architects who prided themselves on producing roofs that not only withstood the wear and tear of centuries, but also became admired hallmarks of European architecture. From all the other roofing companies in the world, only Fine Metal Roof Tech’s team are board-certified in restoration and reconstruction, making us the authorities on permanence.

That’s why, whenever we run into a complex roofing project, like copper domes, we’re thrilled. You’ll discover that we’re more than capable of handling every aspect of your project, from design to engineering to manufacturing.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Copper Dome

When you get a Fine Metal Roof Tech copper dome, you can rest assured it’s a custom creation, complete with our trademark interlocking copper dome shingles, our world-class design and easy installation instructions, as well as:

Eye-catching elegance. Copper dome tiles are renowned for their splendor, and they become even more stunning as they age. They also integrate beautifully with most architectural styles.

Long-lasting durability. There are copper domes and copper roofs in Europe that have lasted 650 years and have only grow stronger over the centuries.

Eco-friendly building materials. Longer-lasting roofs mean less impact on the environment, and much of our fine metals (up to 75%) are made using recycled materials.

Contact Us for a Copper Dome Installation Solution

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s approach is drawn from the classic traditions of European master craftsmen whose work has stood for centuries. If you’re in the market for a copper dome, terne metal roof or copper roofing shingles, we’re the copper roofing company with the durable, beautiful and permanent solutions for you. Contact us for your free consultation today.