The Uses of Copper Metal Roofing

Copper metal roofing has been used for centuries as a durable and safe covering on many historic buildings. The Romans made the Pantheon roof from copper in 27 B.C., and medieval architects chose copper for many cathedrals and castles throughout Europe. It is these fine, historic buildings leave modern copper metal roofs with a legacy of beauty and an aura of luxury and strength.

Today, copper roofs provide durability, weather resistance, lightning protection, radio frequency shielding, and low maintenance costs from such a sustainable material. Copper may be used on an entire roof, as decoration in certain architectural elements, and in spires or vaults.

A copper metal roof can even be useful when it is removed. Copper is easily recycled into new roofing materials or other copper parts, making it a valuable metal, no matter its initial form.

Types of Copper Metal Roofing

Metal roofing materials and metal roofing colors depend on the variety of metal being used. But a big difference can also be the metal roofing price.

Fine Metal Roof Tech has two options for copper metal roofing. The first is a pure copper shingle that has a myriad of possible uses. It is maintenance-free once installed and is guaranteed to become more valuable and beautiful with time. Copper shingles are available in different finishes to provide specific metal roof colors, ranging from teal green or blue to a bright, shiny gold.

The second option is copper-coated stainless steel shingles. These shingles are a good option for those looking to install a copper roof on a budget because the shingles are beautiful, just like pure copper shingles, but are cheaper to produce, using steel to supplement the copper in the center of the shingles.

For Copper Metal Roofing, Call Fine Metal Roof Tech at 801-462-5264

Fine Metal Roof Tech provides both types of copper metal roofing. Both options come with warranties from Fine Metal Roof Tech for over 25 years. Copper metal roof installation can be performed on many styles of buildings, including residential metal roofing for homes that are meant to last, and they are virtually maintenance free once installed properly.

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s shingles are designed with German engineering, making them easy to install and long-lasting. They are perfect for any metal roof installation, and will save you money and time.

For a quote on copper metal roofing, aluminum roofing, or other metal roofing supplies, contact Fine Metal Roof Tech today.

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