The Best Roof for Hail-Prone Areas

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Hail Storm Roof Damage Prevention

Pellets, marbles, walnuts, baseballs, grapefruits…  What’s the worst hail storm you’ve ever been in? Rock-hard objects hurtling from the stratosphere at well-over 100 mph (depending on conditions) make for a potentially unpleasant outcome below.

The insurance providers with whom we have spoken agree that the greatest volume of claims (stemming from the wake of hail storms) they receive are roof damage related.  And the damages they encounter are, more often than not, NOT just roofs in need of cosmetic repair. 

The roof seen here illustrates perfectly what can happen on a slate roof in a hail storm.  Slates are breakable and extremely susceptible to failure in hail storms.  Often hail storms occur when there is a distinct change in temperature: from warm to cool.  The warm slates shocked by the onslaught of sudden, cool precipitation become more fragile and much more susceptible to breakage.  The real trouble is, when they break, they leave the roof unprotected and vulnerable to structural damage and water entry.  We’ve picked on slate roofs here, but the same can be said for tiles, shakes and asphalt shingles, too.  Do not count on your underlayment to protect you, either.  It won’t.

One of the real dangers is that often there is no obvious sign that the roof has been damaged in the storm.  Roofs are not generally visible from the ground, people are not accustomed to checking their roofs, nor is it always convenient or possible to do so.  So what happens is, hail damage to roofs frequently goes unnoticed until further structural damage is seen, such as leaks or cracks.  Generally, when this occurs, major damage repair is necessary.

A Fine Metal Roof Tech interlocking shingle, on the other hand, is virtually impervious to the elements.  Since all the shingles interlock, do not allow water to enter, and the shingle will not break, the worst that could possibly be expected in a hail storm would be denting.  The roof is protected.  And last time we checked, the primary purpose of a roof was to keep out the elements and protect everything under it.  In all likelihood, any small dents or dings from the ground will not be noticeable, but should a shingle need to be repaired, it easily can be.  Make sure to ask us about how easy it really is.

If you are concerned about denting and live in an area with notorious hail storms, you will want to consider applying our stainless steel shingles to your home or building.  Stainless steel is very rigid and holds up exceedingly well against bangs and bumps.  And remember, stainless steel is not just shiny like your kitchen appliances.  Our stainless steels come in a variety of options.  Ask us about what works best for what you have in mind.

Will our system withstand a rogue comet?  Hmmmmm.  You might have got us on that one.  But hopefully we’ve made the point that aside from building a bomb shelter, our interlocking shingles are the best roofing choice you can make for severe weather conditions like hail storms.

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