Technical data for our shingles.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials so you can be assured a lasting result.  Many of our products are made from 99%-100% recycled content helping your building project attain LEED MR credit 4  Here are some of the details:

 Finish on aluminum

A. Chip, Crack, Check, or Peel for a period of (40) forty years from date of installation (except for such crazing that may occur on tightly roll-formed edges and brake bends).
B. Chalk in excess of a numerical rating of eight (8) for a period of (40) forty years from date of installation when measured in accordance with the standard procedures outlined in ASTM D-659.
C. Fade or change color in excess of five (5) E units for a period of (40) forty years from date of installation when calculated in accordance with ASTM D-2244.  The color change is to be measured on exposed painted surface cleaned of surface soils and oxidation.   2. This warranty is restricted to failures resulting from normal weathering and does not include coating failures caused by scratches, scrapes or any other unnatural damage including improperly formed, fabricated or embossed material.  This warranty excludes failures caused by standing water, and direct exposure to corrosive and aggressive atmospheres including salt spray and animal waste products.     We also accept no liability for damages caused by acts of Nature, radiation, falling objects, explosions, or other external forces beyond our control.

Finish on Galvalume ®

Our steel (Galvalume ®) comes with a 35 year non-prorated Kynar paint warranty with a 20 year substrate warranty.

LEED Aluminum:

All aluminum comes from 100% recycled aluminum scrap or recycled scrap ingot.  Further, all our aluminum is produced in the USA.  All our standard colors are made with a cool system which comply with most SRI requirements.

Warranty on our Zinc:

The warranty for our zinc materials is 50 years.

Warranty on our Copper Clad Stainless Steel:

The warranty for our copper clad stainless steel materials is 25 years plus 6 months.  This said, many roofing systems made with this product are still going strong after 40 years.


Metal Shingle Warranty:

Download our shingle warranty here.  (Click and wait for download.)

Shingle Description:

Download our Shingle Description here.  (Click and wait for download.)

Shingle Accessory Description:

Download our Shingle Accessory Description here.  (Click and wait for download.)

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