Custom Metal Roofing: A Long-lasting Solution

Custom metal roofing provides a level of durability, beauty, and longevity you can’t expect from other roofing materials.

Instead of relying on the typical asphalt shingles to ensure that your home or business is structurally sound, Fine Metal Roof Tech offers metal roofing products that require little to no maintenance for a lifetime. We are one of the very few metal roofing manufacturers that have mastered metal roofing methods that have been used for centuries. Here are the reasons why our roofing methods are simply exceptional:

  • They’re rooted in techniques that well-known European architects used to create some of the most stunning and longest-lasting structures in the world.
  • The metal shingle roofs on these enduring structures continue to withstand the test of time, as they are stronger now than when they were first installed.
  • After 650 years of exposure to the elements, a copper tile roof showed that it shielded itself against damage and deterioration by incorporating those outside elements into its structure.
  • The copper tiles were about five times thicker and stronger after 600 years.

Fine Metal Roof Tech Offers a Variety of Shingle Types to Fit Your Style

With such tried-and-true proven methods to guide our installation, we have built hundreds of metal roofs that have successfully withstood the elements with no need for additional maintenance. We can also customize the angle of the diamond-shaped shingle to fit the aesthetics of your home or structure. Traditionally, the shingle has two acute and two obtuse angles, or it’s a standard square shingle with 90 degree angles all around. Our most popular shingle is the standard, 72-degree-angle diamond shape. Here are just a few of the German-engineered shingle types we offer:

  1. 1.        Aluminum Shingles. Clad in high-grade PVDF, these shingles are perfect for anyone looking for a more cost-effective approach to metal roofing while still maintaining a high standard of quality. The paint warranty is 40 years and our standard finishes have solar reflectance values that meet most LEED requirements.
  2. 2.       Stainless Steel Shingles. If your building is on a coast line, stainless steel shingles may be the best option. They are highly resistant to salt spray, pollutants and extreme weather conditions. As long as they are installed properly, they can last for hundreds of years and still look as chic and contemporary as the day they were installed.
  3. 3.       Copper Shingles. If you invest in copper shingles, you invest in a lifetime of beautifully finished roofing. We offer bare copper, chemically treated copper, oxidized and pre-patinated copper. Whatever you choose, we assure your copper shingles will be maintenance free.

For Custom Metal Roofing, Call for a Free Consultation Today

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we offer unique, permanent, and beautiful custom metal roofing with our selection of steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum roofing shingles. Our staff has acquired rare and specialized expertise in European engineering methods involving metal shingles roofing that has lasted for centuries. We are the metal roof manufacturers who lead the industry in innovation, durability, and style. Call us today for a free consultation.

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