Metal Shingle FAQ

I have seen systems similar to yours.  Why is your system different?
Be cautious about those other systems. All our shingles and accessories are made to actually interlock with one another.  This interlocking detail makes the system, well, a system…not just a collection of parts that color and style match and overlap.  We KNOW our system works.  When in doubt, take a look at the copper roofs throughout Europe with our roofing system that have stayed water-tight and maintenance free for centuries.  Hyperbole can always make a substandard product seem great and marketing terms can stretch the truth.  The proof is in the history.  Our system is PROVEN.  No other roof system manufacturing company we know of can prove such product longevity.  Our products are engineered with as little dropped (wasted) material in the manufacturing process as possible.  This and other manufacturing efficiency features help keep costs low for you.  Additionally, we have some of the top roofing experts at your beck and call.

What is the required roof pitch for your interlocking shingle system?
You need at least a 4:12 pitch for the standard layout.  Some configurations are only suitable for wall-cladding.  When in doubt, please contact us before you go forward with your plans.

Are your shingles appropriate for wall cladding?
Yes!  They are beautiful wall coverings!  And they are so stylistically versatile.  Mix and match to your heart’s content!

Can I use diamond-shaped shingles for wall cladding?
Definitely if applied length-wise.  If you wish to use the diamond pattern width-wise that’s no problem at all either, but the shingles must be built a little differently.  Same price, though.  Just make sure to specify upon ordering.  Same goes for roofing.  Questions on appropriate configurations?  Call us!  801-462-5264

Can I mix shingles?
Of course!  Mix colors however you wish.  Show off your personality!  Even some metals like copper and stainless steel can be combined.  Ask us about galvanic reaction potential before you combine metals.  Some shingles can be inverted or staggered for interesting patterns.  If this is your plan, please consult us before-hand so we can ensure your layout plan is water-tight and that we provide you with the correct shingle for your idea.

I have a particular color shingle in mind.  Can I order a custom color?
You can order your aluminum or stainless steel shingles in any color your heart desires.  In most cases, there are no additional costs associated with requesting a custom color.  There are some exceptions to this rule.  Metallics and some very rare colors are subject to slightly higher cost.  Any color not listed on our color chart could be subject to a longer lead time as well.

What accessories are available with the shingles?
Drip edge starter shingle
Drip edge starter clip
Gable end flashing
Mono pitch roof flashing
Vented and unvented ridge and hip caps
Low pitch and high pitch valley flashings
Chimney, dormer and other roof detail flashings
Snow hooks
Solar panel holders

What comes with the fasteners?
-Enough stainless steel clips (cleats) per shingle  (2 or 4 clips per shingle depending on size)
-Almost every roof/wall sheathing is different, we can help you determinate the best fastener for your roof once we know what your roof suits best.

What are my material choices?

ZINC-preweathered, colored
STAINLESS STEEL-satin finish, shiny, or colored with PVDF
COPPER– bare, preweathered, prepatinated, oxidized, Nordic Finishes
 – If it’s appropriate for your project, and we can make it, we’ll do it!  We’ve built with Titanium and other exotic metals in all kinds of alloys and finishes.  If unique is your goal, look no further!

My company has years of experience in the roofing industry.  Do I need training?
Our system is easy and intuitive to install.  It’s likely you won’t need any training at all.

What sizes do the shingles come in?
Our shingles come in 7 standard sizes and two standard shapes.

Are the angles of the shingles customizable?
Absolutely!  The angles for our diamond shapes (two acute and two obtuse angles) can be created using any angle you wish.  Standard diamond-shape shingles use 72 degrees.  Our shingles also come in a standard 90 degree angle with equal sides.

What gauges/thicknesses does each material come in?
Copper:  16 oz, 20 oz
Stainless Steel:  .015
Aluminum: .026
Zinc:  0.7 mm (21 ga)
Copper Clad Stainless:  .016

Why are your shingles “green”?
Let’s compare:  Asphalt is petroleum based and energy-intensive to produce, and once the shingles are worn out, there’s no good way to dispose of them. It is estimated that discarded asphalt shingles add 1.36 billion pounds of waste in landfills every year.  Slates and tiles frequently break and, though less harmful to the environment than asphalt still have the same fate in a landfill.  It’s wasteful.  Our fine metal shingles are 100% recyclable, energy efficient and beautiful.  The materials from which our shingles are made are manufactured from substrates that utilize a significant amount of recycled material as well.  Additionally, our shingles reflect a great deal of heat away from the structure which saves on energy. Our shingles also help a project earn U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, which count toward obtaining “Green Building” certification for energy efficient, environmentally-friendly structures.  They are also very cost effective, so no more excuses!  You can have that beautiful, environmentally friendly roof/wall cladding!

How would you classify the style of your shingles?
Couple our material choices with the option of mixing and matching, and you have a highly versatile look that is completely at home on everything from a castle, to a sleek contemporary high-rise, to a commercial development to a tasteful private residence and much, much more.  The style applications are limitless!

Why is the price so low for this amazing quality?
Through research and long experience, we have found the best materials at the best price and are able to streamline our production.  You are right.  The quality IS amazing.  This system has been in use in Europe for hundreds of years and trusted as roofing and wall cladding on the continent’s most important architectural treasures.

What is the most cost-effective shingle size?
Well, the larger the shingle, the more surface area it covers and the less material required for the seams.  (Smaller shingles use more material proportionally.)  But bigger isn’t necessarily the best choice for all roofs as the scale could interfere with aesthetics.  The most popular size is our size 15, 72 degree diamond shingle.  It is probably the most bang for your buck and looks great on almost any building.

Does a metal roof attract lightning?
A metal roof actually acts as a Faraday Cage to protect the house from lightning.  If you live in a lightning-prone area, a system like ours is one of the best building decisions you can make.

What other safety features can I expect?
A metal roof, unlike many other roofing options is non-flammable.  Also, there is no opportunity for our interlocking shingles to slide down the roof.  The same cannot be said for broken tiles, slates and shingles.

What should I do in the event some of my shingles become dented?
Though noticeable dents will be very uncommon, we have the best solution in the event they do occur.  We can provide you special repair shingles in the same color/metal/finish, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Is a metal roof noisy?
NO!  If your roof is installed properly with the correct underlayment, substrate and insulation, which should be standard practice anyway, your metal roof will not be any noisier than any other type of roof.

Can I install your system directly over top of my old shingles?
You can, but we do not recommend this practice.

I live in an extreme weather area.  Is this system right for me?
Honestly, out of the thousands of roofing options the world has to offer, our interlocking shingle system is unquestioningly the absolute best choice for you.  Why?  Our shingles have more fasteners per square than any other roofing system.  And they interlock with drip edges and chimney flashings etc. so there is really no way even one part of the system can fail.  In fact, this system has more fasteners per square than the ultra-strong double-locked standing seam system.  In a hurricane or tornado, the whole house will blow away before any part of our roof system will.  Live in a winter wonderland?  We have certified snow guards specially made for our shingles, and they come in lots of colors and metal choices, too!

Can I combine your interlocking shingles with your standing seam system?

Absolutely!  In many cases this combination is advisable.  Tell us more about your project and we’ll get you the solutions you seek!

Can you build accessory pieces in matching metals and finishes to your roofing systems that aren’t listed on your website?

Most definitely!  That’s one of the best reasons ever to work with us!  We have COMPLETE roofing solutions for you.  No matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish, odds are we’ll be able to help you achieve your objectives ensuring that the result is engineered and beautiful.

 I have a difficult design no one else can seem to solve for.  Can you help me?

You called the right company.  When others say “no” or suggest cheap tricks to cover for lack of knowledge and/or substandard systems, try “yes” on for a change.  We can help you achieve the beauty and permanence you seek.  Promise!

Can your shingles be applied to radiused (rounded) areas?

Actually, that’s why they were developed in the first place!  Click on the links below to learn more about the best way to clad rounded architectural details and the history behind our system.

Are your systems historically accurate?

Absolutely!  Our company principals are among only a handful of German masters throughout Europe who are board-certified in restoration and reconstruction.  If you have an historic building, you have without a doubt come to the right place for help!

Why is a Fine Metal Roof Tech interlocking metal shingle system a better choice than other metal shingle systems?
Our system is prettier, for one.  Other metal shingle systems tend to look like cheap asphalt shingles or just cheap in general.  Not only that, you are limited in your color, metal, size, style, and configuration options.   Several companies claim their systems are interlocking.  They are not.  They have tiny water channels that supposedly are sufficient to keep the roof water tight.  Impossible.  Still others resort to cheap tricks like reinforcing their systems with Styrofoam to keep the shingle in its shape.  That’s a cheap crutch to make up for lack of engineering.  Our systems are beautiful and proven.  They work well on any style of building and they last; in many cases, hundreds of years.  Who else can claim that?

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