Our roofing and cladding systems are some of the “greenest” choices you can make:

  • A metal roof is one of the best choices for energy efficiency regardless of whether you live in a desert, a mountain, or a rainforest.  Our metals reflect heat and damaging UV light away from the building.
  • Longevity.  Our roofing system, when properly installed, can last a lifetime.  Titanium, copper and stainless steel have exceptionally long life-spans.  Our aluminum shingle products are coated with Dura Coat, a top-of-the-line PVDF coating, which is guaranteed against chalk and fade for 40 years!
  • The materials from which our systems are made are extremely tolerant to even the coldest or hottest conditions on the planet.
  • Our system is engineered.  It’s not just another pretty face, though it certainly is that.  It works.  It’s been a proven system for hundreds of years and is relied upon by Germany’s top master roofers.  In a country with arguably the toughest regulations and the highest engineering and “green” standards in the world, that is saying something!  When our system is properly installed, it CAN’T leak or fail.
  • A long life means a lot less waste.  It is estimated that asphalt shingles, for example, contribute to billions of waste in landfills a year.  Though we’ve read many studies on attempts to recycle them, it is our understanding no one has come up with a really effective solution.  Why not just bypass the issue and select a product you know has value in its afterlife?
  • Most of our metals are made from a great deal of recycled content.  (Generally 75% or more.)
  • Our system is 100% recyclable.  Metal recycling centers are plentiful and offer a premium for used metals.  Metal recycling also takes a lot less energy than for most any other roofing product, and recycled metal offers countless usage options for even more green products.
  • We have special stainless steel solar panel holders made to fit perfectly with our systems.
  • If you live in a snowy area, take advantage of our special snow hooks, engineered to fit perfectly with our interlocking metal shingles and snow abatement systems engineered especially for our standing seam roofs.  Air is a fantastic insulator.  Since snow is comprised of 95% air, keeping snow on your roof makes sense.  Snow keeps the heat in your house and the cold out of it.
  • Our system can help your project earn LEED credits.
  • Our aluminum shingles are coated with Dura Coat.  Dura Coat is very sensitive to contributing to the reduction of the carbon foot print. Dura Coat uses cool pigments in all XT40, XT40S and DURAPON 70™ formulations. In addition, all formulas are engineered to gain maximum practical volume solids to achieve even green technologies. Our coatings company is doing its share by eliminating harmful raw materials from its formulas such as lead chromate pigments. They also manufacture their premium coatings by using cool pigments which help reduce energy consumption.
  • Our roofing and wall systems can be made in a wide variety of metals stemming from steel to titanium.  Each has unique reflective properties and inherent characteristics, but all are “green”.  Ask us for the best solution for you!
  • No other systems on the globe are as environmentally friendly.

Our interlocking metal shingles and accessories are proudly made in the U.S.A!

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