What to Look for in a Copper Roofing Company

It’s no secret to any copper roofing company: copper is an exceptional roofing material. Of course, copper shingles have been used for centuries to create enduring, historic structures. Look at many of the great monuments of Europe and you’ll find that much of their hardiness and longevity can be attributed to the protection provided by their copper roof tiles.

So you’ve decided you want a copper roof. But how do you pick one copper roof company from the crowd? Naturally there are a few factors to note:

World-Class Expertise

Don’t just settle for any copper roofing company. Find one with true expertise, not just one that’s been around for a while.

At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we proudly draw from a heritage of German engineering and architecture, a style of craftsmanship renowned for its permanence and beauty. We’re part of a scant handful of experts in the world that are board certified in restoration and reconstruction. If you want a copper roof that will last for centuries, we know exactly how it can be done.

Matchless Fine Metals

True craftsmen utilize only the best materials. At Fine Metal Roof Tech, we offer a selection of choice metals that have not only proven their durability but are also exceptionally eye-pleasing. The cream of the crop, however, is our selection of copper roofing shingles.

Our custom copper roof shingles possess a gorgeous finish that allows them to blend seamlessly into nearly any architectural style. But the reason copper was considered the king of metals by the grandmasters of European architecture was due to the metal’s unique properties. Rather than weakening over time, copper’s beauty and strength only increases.

Impeccable German Engineering and Design

German engineering is famous for its enduring quality. We share in that heritage and consider it a moral principle that a customer should only have to pay once and receive a product that will last a lifetime and more, and for an affordable price.

Fine Metal Roof Tech’s provides such a variety of metals and services that they can fit every possible budget. Without the need to ever replace or repair your copper roof, our work provides unsurpassed value to our customers.

Contact Fine Metal Roof Tech, the Leading Copper Roofing Company

Fine Metal Roof Tech carries on a proud tradition that has yielded some of the most beautiful and long-lasting structures in Europe. We’re the copper roofing company that uses those principles to transform your home into a masterpiece that will withstand centuries of wear. Our terne metal roofs and copper roofing shingles are extremely versatile and can be used to clad several difficult structures, including a copper dome. Contact us today to get your free consultation.